Track of the Week: Simo Cell - Feel di Kouala Vybz

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The French man see himself become a mainstay at Peverlist's revered imprint, Livity Sound. 

Livity Sound have had an astounding year, releasing some of the most forward thinking and innovative music of 2017, while staying true to their core with Bristolian stepper heavy weight techno. The likes of Forest Drive West, Mosca and the illusive I-iii have all joined the roster, bringing their own take on the heavily atmospheric and rhythm orientated Livity sound palette. 

Feel Di Koulala Vybz is the most club ready track from  LIVITY029, acting as an exploration into the space between Detroit Electro and UK Rhythms, as at home with the likes of DJ Stringray as it is Ben UFO or Objekt. It's quick fire drum programming  over a bed of spaced out pads and psychedelia inducing tones illustrate how Simo Cell has found the perfect match with Livity Sound. 

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