PN006: Lord Jabu - Midna

July see's the return of our free download series and the continuation of our bass-weight output, this time we're paying homage to early 2000's grime instrumentals. PN006 is bursting at the seem with threatening overtones, packed with menacing plucks and in-your-face drones, all layered over an heinous drum groove.

Jabu’s previous dub’s have seen support across the renowned stations Radar Radio and Mode FM, with selectors such as Riz La Teef and Gunman providing the airplay. His recent outing for us on Reprezent Radio was a excursion into his unreleased material, with Midna providing the stand out moment.

In the coming weeks Jabu is set to release his debut EP 'Bagu' through his Stern Plates imprint, and with pre-orders already selling out and the seal of approval from seminal White Peach Records, we're expecting to hear these tracks everywhere in the coming months. 

For now, grab the free release Midna via Play Nice by clicking the image.

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