PN004: Opus - Mercy

The summer months are rolling in, and our next release is a direct reflection of that. PN004 would be equally at home on the rooftops of Brixton as it would be in a murky Dalston Basement.

Opus’ production are usually colossal and hard hitting, bursting at the seam with incredible sound design. However, Mercury is a move away from the low swung half step beats that Opus is known for, instead, a break out into 2 step garage. Mercury is a garage track with hypnotic qualities, ambient textures and a vocal cut that's certain to send a shiver down your spine. 

With a residency for SUB FM and guest outings for Subtle FM and CTRL Sound, Opus regularly performs an excursion of the wonky side of bass weight music. 

Releases on Simply Deep and Instigate Recordings are in the Pipeline and with a recent outing with Jelly Bean Farm, 2017 seems to be the year that Opus becomes a recognised name in the 140 scene. 

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