PN0028: Groovekode - Turn It Up (FREE DOWNLOAD)🎲🎲

Joining us for our 28th instalment of our free download series, we have the dynamic duo that is Groovekode gracing your ears with their latest track titled 'Turn It Up'.

Groovekode join us off of the back of their recent releases on Data Transmission's sub label 'Boost', their independent release titled 'Free Your Mind' and their remix of Jacky's 'Colly Wolly'.

With support from some of the industries heavyweights such as Doorly, Marco Corola & Richie Hawtin, Groovekode are here to keep up the momentum with this track that gives you that awesome summer vibe!

Available now as a free download and to stream on all digital platforms!🎲🎲

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