PN002: Limbic - Crystal Eyes

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

At Play Nice we like to showcase a variety of music and our newest release from Limbic shows our darker side. His prolific productions come from years of soaking in a variety of influences from a four year residency at renowned Lincolnshire event, Vex'd Bass Culture.

Limbic has moved onto outings within London, holding down slots at Real Eyes Records' charity events alongside the likes of Beezy and Dyad. He's also made guest appearances on Sub Fm and Subtle FM.

Crystal eyes is the perfect ode to the capital, an instrumental orientated around sub heavy grooves and an immersive soundscape of thick percussion. The track has already been picked up by the likes of Simply Deep head honcho Aerotonin, having received radio play on the esteemed Radar radio.

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