PN001: Nekkr x Will Acres - Bruz

It gives us tremendous pleasure to be able to present to you the very first release from Play Nice, coming from two of our very own; Will Acres and Nekkr.

This is the start of a monthly series of free releases dropping on the first of every month. This tech house banger has a consistent rolling groove with various elements intertwining throughout the track, creating a hypnotic trance like effect. The constant kick drum punches through the mix, giving the song a rhythmic, pumping energy perfect for the middle of the night, when energy levels are at their peak. The track breaks for a moment and the kick drops out, this gives a building sense of anticipation. These intricacies make the moment when the main drum groove fires back in, so much more impactful. Bruz is available as a free download through our Soundcloud page.

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